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Shoe Shopping

Posted on October 29, 2018

Shoe Shopping

Good afternoon readers of the Jali Furniture Blog how are you all today hopefully better than the weather. I haven’t missed this type of weather at all, it is absolutely freezing. This weekend seemed to go by really fast so waking up early on this cold Monday morning was really difficult for me.

Did you do anything this weekend or did you just shelter in the warmth? I went to go watch Leeds United on Saturday and then on Sunday I went shopping. Shopping, it can both be amazing and horrible at the same time. Going out and spending your well-earned money can feel so rewarding, until you have none left and it makes you feel just utterly miserable. You can see why online shopping is rapidly growing as it is both cheaper and less stressful. Unfortunately I didn’t do my shopping online as I had to go and actually try on my items I got two pairs of shoes, one being for work and the other just for every day wear. However shoe shopping is one of the weirdest experiences. You can be there for hours and still not find the perfect pair or you can go into a shop and see the perfect one straight away. But it is hard for shopping shoes online as you are a different size for every shoe, well this is in my case.

After this stressful experience of getting shoes and going shopping I went home and put my feet up. I sat down and watched TV which was on the Light Jali Corner TV Unit and just relaxed until I was tired enough to go to sleep.

In my opinion that’s how weekends should be, you get any activities or jobs that you need to do early on either one of the days then spend the rest of your time relaxing with friends and family. Anyway that was today’s blog come back tomorrow for another daily blog.