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Protect Your Furniture From the Sun!

Posted on June 25, 2019

Sun with sunglasses

Hello everyone. It’s almost July, and this can only mean sunshine, hot temperatures and barbecues! I love summer, especially when it means I can sunbathe and soak up those gorgeous rays – although I am lathered up in factor 50 sunscreen!

So what can the possible downfalls to the dazzlingly bright sun be? Well, reader, it may not be obvious, but the sun can bleach and actually damage your Jali furniture over long periods of time. Whether your it’s your Jali Natural Storage Chest in your front living room or your grand Jali Light 5 Drawer Large Drum in the bedroom – sun bleaching can seriously deteriorate the quality of any wooden furniture. So here’s my step by step guide into protecting your furniture.

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and yes thus maybe be slightly obvious but is still a vital step in this guide. If you have furniture outside, make sure it is brought inside or at the very least covered up to protect it from the harsh beams, you can also use water and sun shield for furniture which cannot be covered or moved . When you have furniture inside, make sure to used blinds, curtains or any window treatments to block some of the ray, – especially as glass can magnify the extent of the light.

  1. Move Furniture that is at risk.

If you have used all the protective window accessories or if they are inaccessible to you, then the next step if your furniture is still vulnerable is to rearrange your room. Move pieces which are old or wont bleach as badly and move them in the sunlight, whilst also protecting the Solid Jali Furniture in the shadows.

  1. Know the correct procedure if these tips don’t work.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, so even with all these prevention methods your furniture might still fade or become sun bleached over time. And this is okay, and cannot be reversed but can be helped! To restore the charm back into your Jali Natural Table and Chairs, the solution is simple. Firstly, grab some premium furnishing wax for either light, honey or dark colour finish. Take a soft wire wool cloth and gently apply the polish to the grain, working it in all over the faded area. Remove the wax and leave your furniture to dry in a room temperature place before buffing with a cloth to finish it off. You can then repeat this if you wish to achieve darker, richer finishes.

Well readers, I hope you enjoy your summer and make the most of the little sun we get. Don’t