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Get Autumn Ready!

Posted on September 10, 2019


Good morning everyone – I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday as much as I am! September has rolled around again, grinding to a cold dreary halt at our doorsteps. Each and every leaf is beginning to crisp and turn at the edges with a daring quickness.

Our autumn season is a harsh change from the warm humid summer we are used to. So, with such a big change in the air, ground and temperature – why not change your home décor? Jali Furniture is the brilliant range which encompasses that autumn flair to fit right into your home.

For example, the luxurious Jali Natural 2 Door Large Sideboard is the easy and simple way to ease your interior design into that cosy, traditional feeling of the cold seasons.

Keep up this glowing radiation in your Jali Study, after all – it’s so much easier to work when you’re comfortable, relaxed and most importantly: fashionable!

My Favourite aspects of Autumn are the days when rain floats and splashes down from the sky, however the air is still a little warm, making for a lush green yet comfortable environment.  The sparkling yellow wellington boots stomping through the murky grey water and splodging through the crisp leaves amongst the pavement.

Even if you want to enjoy the steaming creamy mashed potato and sizzling sausages, the Jali Light Large Table & 6 Rattan Chairs can bolster your home dining experience so that you can really appreciate your meals. The smooth gravy dances across your tongue, hugging and laughing with the sausages until your stomach is full and heart complete.

Finally, to end this blog, I would really recommend the Medium Jali TV Unit, for those cosy nights in when the streetlights come on, bowl of popcorn in one hand and the family sat around you eagerly waiting for the colourful pixels to light up across the screen.

Can’t you just imagine it reader? I can, and I’m excited. I hope you all have a brilliant day – goodbye!