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Cleaning up

Posted on May 15, 2019

Cleaning Up

Happy Wednesday readers, I hope you are enjoying the streaming sun before it disappears again for a year! Today’s blog is all about the Jali Furniture range, and how my mother used to trick me into cleaning up.

When I was growing up, my mother loved a clean house. She would spend a grand amount of money on cleaning products, sweeping down the supermarket aisle at high speed – leaving me baffled next to the bleach wipes. All day every day she would dance about the house, leaving spritz of Febreeze wherever she went. I didn’t mind; it meant I lived in a clean house.

However, the day came when I turned 7 and my entire life flipped upside down. From then on my determined parent decided it was time for me to run the “family business”. I was 7 though, I didn’t want to waste my time polishing the Jali Natural Tall Nest of Tables or dusting the Jali Natural Round Trunk Coffee Table.

Slowly but surely she grew too wise for my complaints and moans, the games had begun. Every morning she would wake me up, telling me that invisible deadly spiders were crawling all over my Jali Natural Chest of Drawers, and the only way to stop the ferocious beasts was to use the long spiralled feather duster; the titan sword my mother named it.

Only being 7 years old, I obliged and tangoed around my bedroom, wafting my sword to and fro paying extra attention to my Jali Light Pyramid Chest which I felt was very suspicious of 8-legged insects.

Exhausted, I laid on my bed, feeling tired but safe. I would do this cleaning up every morning before school and every night before bed – I don’t think my room was ever that clean. Throughout the years I have truly believed that the Arachnid army had infiltrated my room and it terrified little old me. Wouldn’t it terrify you?

It was only when I became a teenager that my mother admitted it was all a hoax so I would clean. I am still in shock about it but I must give credit where it is due – it was a very smart move.

That concludes today’s blog and I hope you don’t come face to face with any little beasts today! Goodbye.